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Cairns Weddings

Cairns Beach Cairns Weddings

Cairns Beaches Weddings

Cairns is surrounded by water and mountains and the harbour front makes for a nautical backdrop with the luxury boats in the background. The Cairns Esplanade has a sandy beach and old growth Banyan Trees, Palms and a huge array of other tropical plants to create a tranquil atmosphere and provide a very popular place for exchanging nuptials.

Ellis Beach Wedding

Ellis Beach is the farthest of the northern beaches and whilst there are only quaint little beachfront cabins and a caravan park here Ellis Beach is still very popular for beachfront weddings as there are not that many tourists or locals that come here which makes for a very private wedding ceremony for you and your family and friends.

Palm Cove Beach Weddings

Palm Cove is definitely the most popular of the Cairns Northern Beaches for weddings as there are two wedding chapels one on the beach and one at the Cairns Tropical Zoo. The village is made up of the cobblestoned Palm Cove Esplanade which is lined by palm trees and other tropical foliage on the beachside and ancient Melaleucas on the other side.

Trinity Beach Weddings

Trinity Beach is such a quiet little beachfront hamlet just 10 minutes’ drive north from Cairns city and a picture perfect location for beachfront weddings. The beachfront is much loved by the local residents and in conjunction with the Cairns City Council they have an esplanade garden that is maintained and flourishing with flowers and greenery the whole year round making it a beautiful place to sit and look out over the ocean. The gardens here also make the perfect backdrop for the couples Trinity Beach wedding photography.