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Shopping & Dining

Cairns Beach Shopping & Dining

Cairns Beaches Dining Options

Part of going on holidays is trying out new things and trying out the cuisine of the region or location you are staying in and being adventurous with your taste buds. Cairns Northern Beaches restaurants offer the freshest in local ingredients mixed with some of the most unusual tropical fruits and plants.

Cairns Beaches Nightlife

Well a holiday in a tropical environment like Cairns is a place to rest and relax and explore the region at your leisure it is not really a place you would go searching for nightlife and a lot of entertainment although there are clubs with poker machines and karaoke nights. Cairns city is the hot spot with the pubs and clubs staying open to all hours of the morning.

Cairns Beaches Shopping

Whilst you are on holiday in Cairns and the northern beaches shopping is not really at the top of your mind but it is still always nice to find a little piece that will remind you of your holiday whether it be a piece of jewellery or a nice new dress or a man’s shirt or shorts.