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Swimming At Trinity Beach

Like all other popular Cairns beaches Trinity Beach has a swimming enclosure that is maintained and patrolled by the Australian Surf Life Saving Association. These swimming enclosures are only present in the waters in the months of November to May and are there to prevent Box Jellyfish from entering this area so guests can swim safely.

If you would like some more information on jelly fish and marine stingers take a look at this interview with Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin.

If you feel you have been stung by a marine animal it very well may only be sand flies or sea lice so do not go into a panic situation just wander up to the Surf Life Saver and ask them to take a look and they will then assess the situation and if necessary they will douse the location of the sting with some vinegar to take the sting away.

The Cairns City Council usually has Vinegar in purpose built holders along the beachfront boardwalk of Trinity Beach Esplanade also for those moments when the beach is not being patrolled.

Trinity Beach Life Guard Station Trinity Beach Playground Trinity Beach BBQ Facilities

At other times of the year all guests should swim within the patrolled flags on the beach and check with the Surf Life Savers if you are unsure at any time if conditions are too rough for your families swimming capabilities.

Trinity Beach has a big long stretch of beach and the waves can sometimes dump unsuspecting swimmers onto the sand with a big thud so just watch the wave movements before plunging in for a refreshing swim and ensure you do not dive into shallow waters and give yourself a serious injury. Always keep an eye on your children when you are on the beach as the attraction of the water is a big fascination with them and the gentle slope of Trinity Beach makes it very easy for them to run into the water.

There are barbeques on the boardwalk of the Trinity Beach Esplanade along with a shaded playground area which is just fabulous for that family get together on a beautiful sunny day in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland.

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