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Cairns Beaches Tourist Information

The Northern Beaches of Cairns Australia has some of the world's most beautiful tropical beaches with miles and miles of pristine sand to stroll along and clear waters to lull about in and magnificent beachfront holiday houses, hotels and self contained apartments for you to spend your holiday time relaxing, overlooking the beach and watching all the fun activities going on down there.

The Northern beaches of Cairns are framed by ancient tropical rainforest providing shelter for those hot balmy days when you just want to go to the beach and enjoy the view or have a swim for a few hours without getting exposed to the sun for too long.

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You can stroll along these endless beaches for hours and only come across a few other dedicated fitness fanatics, local's exercising their dogs or happy tourists such as yourself every half hour or so. Such bliss! Cairns beaches are very safe and do not have huge surf or rough waves like the beaches south of the Great Barrier Reef as the foreshore is fully protected by the giant coral reef structures that sit further out to sea on the Great Barrier Reef extending right out to the edge of Australia's Continental shelf.

The gentleness of the ocean makes the Cairns Northern beaches the perfect location for a greater range of beach activities such as stand up board paddling, kayaking, fantastic wind surfing, volleyball, beach cricket, bike riding on a low tide, beach fishing, prawning, catching lobsters, building sand castles with the little ones, looking for sea shells and much more.

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There are free public barbeques and a children's playground on every one of the Cairns Northern beaches foreshores along with bathrooms and cold water showers to wash off the oceans salt water. The only exception for the bathroom facilities is Machans Beach as this is mostly a residential beach suburb and a great fishing spot.

When deciding to take a swim on a Cairns Beach always ensure you are with another person or you swim in the designated Australian surf life Saving patrolled areas for your own safety.