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Cairns Beaches Facilities

The Cairns Northern Beaches were part of the Marlin Coast Redevelopment plan set down by the Queensland Government and the Cairns City council around 2005 to beautify the beaches and provide more facilities for beachgoers, families, tourists and animal lovers.

In this re development process each one of the Cairns Northern Beaches (excluding Machans Beach which had a playground constructed and locally made artworks placed on display on the beachfront esplanade) had bathrooms contracted along with showers and change rooms, free beachfront barbeques and pavilion shelter shades.

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Each beach suburb also had a great new playground built for children to play on under the watchful eye of their parents nearby.

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New paths and beautification of the flora and fauna were also undertaken to further enhance the northern beaches desirability.

Dog lovers are well looked after in Cairns as each beach has provided bio degradable doggy bags for owners to collect before stepping on the beach with their favorite friend. Once they return to the park they then place the bio degradable bag in the bin and every one on the beach is happy.

There are also some designated beaches where you can take your furry friend and let him or her off the leash to run and swim in the ocean. Clifton Beach and Buchan point are two very popular spots for doggy friends to meet and tear up and down the beach with their owners having some catch up time of their own.

Cairns northern beaches are some of the most picturesque beaches in Queensland, Australia and have been revitalized to attract families, friends and individuals to the oceanfront for some out door fun and recreation in our tropical sunshine.

Along with the barbeques, showers, playgrounds and bathroom facilities the Cairns City Council has also provided swimming enclosures at most beaches during the summer season along with Australian Surf Life Saving patrols through the year.

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Cairns beaches are very safe for swimming as there are no strong rips, tides or currents to drag you out to sea but it is always good to know someone is watching over you and your family.

The Cairns Northern Beaches that do have a swimming enclosure in the ocean during the summer season are: